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Opazovanje v tišini (Seeing in Silence)

July 2015 |

The Seeing in Silence e-book cover.
The Seeing in Silence e-book cover.

E-book of poetry, first published at Facebook page Poiesis (On 1st October 2014 initiated by Peter Semolič and Katja Kuštrin, later edited by Peter Semolič).

The e-book contains both original Slovene poetry as well as translations of various authors into Slovene by several translators. A bit less than 100 poems by 76 authors are featured. Edited by Peter Semolič and Jaka Železnikar. In Slovene only.

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Selected net art/e-literature works

And your hair is in a mess
(2008, computational online poem)

(2003, interactive language based on-line intervention)

Poem for Echelon
(2001, generative visual poem)

(2001, interactive visual poetry)

Interaktivalija / Interactivalia
(1997, interactive poetry)

Selected Firefox add-ons

Poem for 莫海伦
(2007/2008, computational on-line visual poem)

Razorganizator · Disorganiser
(2007, visual intervention)

Črke · Letters · 字母 2.0
(2007, on-line visual poem)


All books are available in Slovene only.

Opazovanje v tišini [Seeing in Silence]
(2015, anthology of poetry)

Napis nad mestom [Inscription Over the City]
(2004/2005, sampled poetry)

ŠUSS 1998—2000
(2001, linguistics, several authors)

54.000 besed [54.000 words]
(1994, poetry and short stories)