Jaka Železnikar

Jaka Železnikar is an author of e-literature, net artist, and web developer.

Jaka Železnikar, performing its e-poetry, January 2015.
Jaka Železnikar performing/reading its e-poetry, . Photograph: Sunčan Patrick Stone.


In 1994 his several years of literary engagement rooted in poetry result in his literary debut, a book of poetry and short stories, 54.000 words (54.000 besed, in Slovene).

Net art, e-literature

With his net art/e-literature work Interactivalia (1997) eneters the net art and e-literature domain as one of the pioners of the field. This work is the first slovene collection of internet based interactive poetry. Up to today more than 50 works of net art and e-literature are freely and add-free awailable on his website.

Mediums of works

Most of the works of Jaka Železnikar are digital born and on-line. Next to that he also published and released several books, a 3½ floppy disk of interactive e-poetry, Firefox add-ons, and an Android app - complemented with performances/e-literature readings and events, installations, exhibitions, and poetry readings.

Publications and exhibitions

He presents his work in literary and exhibition venues both nationally and internationally.

Jaka Železnikar holds an M.A. in Creative Writing and new Media (De Montfort University, UK). He lives in Ljubljana, Slovenia (EU) and writes in Slovene and English.

Selected publications of e-literature (journals and magazines)

Selected exhibitions

  • 2014. net.art Painters and Poets, Mestna galerija, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 2007. The Art Happens Here, iCommons Summit — artist in residence, Dubrovnik, Croatia
  • 2006. Oivos-Oivos / Wine-Wine – Visual poetry exhibition, Patras, European Capital of Culture 2006, Patras, Greece
  • 2005. Territories, identities, nets : Slovene art 1995-2005, Moderna galerija, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 2003. Nordic Live Art, Göteborg Art Museum, Göteborg, Švedska
  • 2002. Web 3D Art 2002, ICA — Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, UK
  • 2001. Slovene visual and concrete poetry (1965 - 2001), Bežigrajska galerija, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 2001. The Eye And Its Truth - Spectacle and Reality in Slovene Art 1984 - 2001, Moderna galerija, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 1999. Net_condition, TheLounge, NetShop#2, ZKM — Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe, Germany

Selected work as a selector/curator

  • 2005 - 2006. Festival of creativity and free culture, festival accompanying the launch of the Slovene Creative Commons licence and the following festival dedicated to free culture, Ljubljana, Slovenia (selector/curator)
  • 2002. Pixxelpoint, international festival of computer art, Nova Gorica, Slovenia (selector)
  • 2001 - 2003. Golden Bird Award (Zlata ptica), awards for recent achievements in different artistic disciplines by emerging and promising authors or groups, Ljubljana, Slovenia (member of the jury)
  • 2000 — 2003. Break Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia (selector/programme advisor)

Further information on the author

For more details on exhibitions, festivals, curatorial and related work, and awards, please see a PDF document: jaka-zeleznikar-cv.pdf.


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